GRUB Bazaar VCS Repository

Using bzr

This is a distributed version control system repository for GRUB 2 branches. You must have Bazaar version 1.14 or greater to access the branches.

You can download a branch by installing Bazaar and using the branch command:

bzr branch

The above command will copy the branch (including all history!) from this repository and store it in a gfxmenu directory in your current working directory. This is called a heavyweight checkout, or simply a checkout. To update a local branch from the remote parent branch, run

bzr pull

If you want to use heavyweight checkouts or local branching, you may find the use of a shared repository to be useful. This is a way that Bazaar conserves disk space and network traffic when multiple related branches are being used.

If you don't want a local copy of the history, you can do a lightweight checkout with

bzr co --lightweight

To update the lightweight checkout tree from the remote branch, run

bzr update

Branch Relationships

See Branches for a description of the branch relationships.

      Name                    Last modified      Description
gsoc08/ 12-Jun-2009 15:08 Google Summer of Code patch queue gfxmenu/ 12-Jun-2009 14:59 Graphical menu branch trunk-clean/ 12-Jun-2009 14:56 svn trunk with .bzrignore added trunk/ 12-Jun-2009 14:53 svn trunk mirror .bzr/ 12-Jun-2009 14:47
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